Easyglide Wetedge Squeegee Series

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Enjoy flawless application and finishing with this Easyglide Wetedge Squeegees. Crafted of durable Teflon, they feature a microfiber edge that allows you to use the gadget whether the surface is wet or dry. Get into even tight areas and glide or cut across whatever media you use, and do it much easier and with far more accuracy than a standard squeegee tool.

Using water allows you to glide over the surface, reducing friction, tears, and scratches. Working a lot like a paintbrush, this is also a handy and professional-grade tool that lets you easily lay die or cut vinyl without risk to painted surfaces. Replacement felt tapes and rolls are also available.

NOTE:  The color of the microfiber edge cannot be specified or guaranteed, but all colors will perform exactly the same.

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